Adrian Peterson Following Saints’ Debut: ‘I Didn’t Sign Up For Nine Snaps’

adrian peterson

Week one of the NFL season gave Adrian Peterson the opportunity to stick it to his old team as he had stated just days prior before taking on the Minnesota Vikings.

Head coach Sean Payton had other ideas as Peterson only carried the ball six times for a putrid 18 yards in a 29-18 loss on the night and this is not something he would’ve signed up for had he been told this during the offseason.

Peterson spent the previous 10 seasons with the Vikings and had been accustomed to being the focal point of the offense, but was aware his new surroundings would take some adjusting, but nine total snaps is not going to cut it, as he explained to the media.

“I didn’t sign up for nine snaps, though,” Peterson told reporters Thursday. “But unfortunately that’s the way the game played out. In my mind, personally, I knew it was gonna take some adjusting. You know, me and Mark (Ingram) played in the last preseason game, and AK (rookie running back Alvin Kamara) didn’t even play that game. So with all three of us being out there, I knew it would take a game or so to kind of get adjusted.”

As far as the shot of him possibly yelling at the head coach during the game, Peterson said the entire moment was ‘over-dramatized.’

“It was definitely overdramatized,” Peterson said. “Of course, with the heat of the game, me being back in Minnesota and things like that, just catching that look – that intense look on my face, like I had – I actually got some laughs out of some of the memes that were made.”

During the Drew Brees era, the Saints have been pass-happy and it will interesting to see the adjustments, if any, to come in the next few weeks.

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