Carson Wentz Knew Miss America Cara Mund…May Have Inspired Her Too


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North Dakota doesn’t get a lot of love, if only because, well, not a lot of people are from there. But it got some time in the spotlight recently as Miss North Dakota Cara Mund made the leap to become Miss America on Sunday night.

After being awarded the crown, she name-checked fellow North Dakotan and Eagles QB Carson Wentz as an inspiration, but her phrasing, unintentionally, made it sound like a dig against the young QB.

She said to“I said, ‘If Carson Wentz can do it, Miss North Dakota Cara Mund can become Miss America.”

Wait. If Carson Wentz can do…what? Become Miss America? Not fail at QB? Regardless of her intent, it was probably meant as praise, but it came across as a little goofy-sounding. Nonetheless, Carson Wentz graciously took it in stride.

He said of the girl he actually knew back in the day, “That was pretty cool. Obviously Cara, I knew her a little bit in high school. It’s really cool for her, ” Wentz said. “I don’t normally follow Miss America too much, but obviously now I’ve heard all about it. It’s pretty cool for Bismarck, for Century High School.”

Not only did Wentz know Mund, but he actually attended the same high school and graduated just one year before Cara.  Small world.

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