College-Age Draymond Green Had a LinkedIn Page, and It’s Glorious

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Before Draymond Green locked up a career kicking men in the crotch for millions of dollars, he was a kid at Michigan State, likely wondering what his next move would be. In order to help him find some answers, he did what so many of us did: he created a LinkedIn page.

Green’s LinkedIn page was discovered by a Twitter user and quickly circulated in awe by sports fans wondering what might have been.

Someone tell Draymond he should really keep that current for prospective employers.

A quick look shows his capitalization is a little…inconsistent…but that’s far outweighed by the awesomeness of his “Summary”:

I played in two final fours while at Michigan State.

Specialties: Mid Range jump shot, working with kids

There you have it, folks. GIVE THIS MAN A JOB!

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