Fox Sports’ Clay Travis Got Kicked off CNN For Repeatedly Talking About Boobs Instead of Jemele Hill (VIDEO)

Clay Travis

On Friday, Clay Travis had one job and one job only, and that was to go on CNN and talk about the Jemele Hill situation—in which she called him a White Supremacist and bigot.

The Fox Sports Radio personality, who regularly trolls ESPN, did not stay on very long during that segment when he started the conversation off with, “I believe in only two things completely: the first amendment and boobs.” That statement made host Brooke Baldwin pause in complete shock before getting a clarification from him.

He made sure she heard him, stating he believes strongly in boobs once again. From there, the segment went on, but not quite as planned.

Here’s how the rest of the segment played out:

“Baldwin could not simply let the boob comment pass, and before long she, Travis and fellow guest Keith Reed were going back and forth about whether it is appropriate to talk about boobs live on national television. The segment reached peak absurdity when Travis interrupted Reed to ask, “You don’t love boobs, too?”

Eventually, Baldwin had had enough, cutting in to announce that Travis’ appearance was over.

Once Travis and Reed were gone, Baldwin declared that, “That was entirely inappropriate,” before apologizing for not cutting Travis’ microphone quicker.”

Brooke eventually took to Twitter to make sense of what just happened:

Clay didn’t seem to mind as he went straight to Twitter as well:

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