LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Thinks The Chargers Should Have Stayed In San Diego

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Nothing says ‘welcome to my city’ quite like the mayor suggesting, ‘maybe you should’ve stayed where you were.’

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti went on “The Dan Patrick Show” Wednesday to discuss a bevy things, including the NFL finally relocating the Rams back to the LA area, and the Chargers eventually following suit.

During that interview, Garcetti surprisingly stated that the Chargers should’ve stayed in San Diego.

“My heart goes out to folks in San Diego … We always said in LA: The NFL needs us more than we needed them, and we weren’t going to be one of those cities to subsidize stadiums. That was a 20-year standoff, but ultimately I think people came to their senses and realized we love football … but we also were going to wait and do it on our terms, because we got important priorities for our public tax dollars.

“I said at the time, both the Raiders and the Chargers could have stayed put where they are, because Oakland and San Diego have huge fan bases. There’s a big tradition … I believe in players playing for a long time on teams, and teams staying in a city for their lives. That’s really what makes it great growing up. You can root for the players and teams without wondering if it’s all going to be about business, and where somebody could make a few hundred million dollars more.

“We embrace any team that comes. We’re certainly happy to have the Chargers in LA, but I think we could have been happy with just the (Rams) too.”

If you still didn’t get what he just said, he’s basically saying, “I mean we’ll take them but they shouldn’t have come here.”

The Chargers take on the Miami Dolphins on Sunday and can’t even sell out Stub Hub Stadium, their temporary venue of only 27,000 seats.

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