Watch Billy Joe Saunders 7-Year-Old Son Punch, Kick Willie Monroe Jr’s Groin During Weigh-in (VIDEO)


American boxer Willie Monroe Jr. thought his latest weigh-in for an upcoming fight would be just like the others, but he ended getting more than he bargained for.

In an effort to befriend his opponent’s 7-year-old son at a weigh-in, Willie found himself on the receiving end of a punch to the crotch, followed by a swift kick.

This all went down while Billy Joe Saunders flexed for the cameras at a press event on Friday. Monroe Jr. ruffled the hair of little Stevie Saunders, and he responded by locking on to his target, which was Monroe’s penis area, and struck swiftly to get him off of him.

The kid was quickly grabbed and taken from the area.

Monroe Jr. is challenging for Billy Joe Saunders’s WBO world middleweight championship title.

(Business Insider)

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