ESPN Accidentally Airs Old Notre Dame Photo With Nude Man In Background (PIC + VID)

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ESPN has been having a rough couple of months and it continued on Saturday.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports was running a segment during the Notre Dame-Boston College game. The network was simply trying to show an old vintage 1941 photo of Frank Leahy.

It was a nice blast from the past, until you realize there was a completely nude man standing with his dong out in the background.


You can check out the uncensored version of the photo here.

You can watch the entire segment that played live right here.

ESPN quickly realized their mistake and released a statement apologizing for their mishap:

“An ESPN spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo Sports that the usage of the picture was accidental — in fairness, what’s behind the red dot isn’t the focal point of the picture — and the network apologized for its usage.”

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