Tim Duncan Raises $3M & Distributes 60,000 Pounds of Food to US Virgin Islands For Hurricane Irma Relief

tim duncan

Over the past few weeks, hurricanes, rain, and flood water has devastated parts of the United States. During these tough times, athletes have stepped up in a big way to not only lend a hand, but to raise an insane amount of money to help those in need as well.

After Harvey devastated the Houston area, Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt raised an incredible $37 million, smashing his initial goal of $200K.

Now, Tim Duncan has stepped up to the plate.

The former San Antonio Spurs legend, who’s from the Virgin Islands, asked the public for help him with relief caused by Hurricane Irma. The people clearly answered the call, as Duncan was able to deliver 60,000 pounds of food and raise $3 million.


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