Eagles Most Irate Fan ‘EDP’ Was NOT Happy About The Team Losing To The Chiefs (VIDEO)


If you’re just now finding out about EDP445, you would think he absolutely hates the Philadelphia Eagles. He is actually an avid fan, though. He’s just extremely critical of a team that has yet to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

After a week 1 win, EDP is still upset about the team because they looked terrible against the Washington Redskins. He knew that type of play wouldn’t work against teams like the Kansas City Chiefs. And he was right.

The first half was a defensive struggle as the game went into halftime with the Chiefs up 6-3. Both teams’ offenses eventually woke up in the second half, but the Chiefs still came out on top, and EDP was not happy.

As he always does, he took out his camera and recorded parts of him watching the game and raging. And when it was over…he raged some more.

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