REPORT: Jerry Jones Impeding Roger Goodell’s Contract Extension (VIDEO)

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During last season, Roger Goodell made an enemy out of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. It was all because he basically railroaded Tom Brady into finally giving up his fight against deflategate and accepting his 4-game suspension.

This season, Goodell has seemingly made an enemy out of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who seems dead-set on suspending Ezekiel Elliott for player misconduct—despite the mounting evidence that his domestic violence accuser has been lying throughout the entire process.

Because of that, Jerry is now reportedly impeding the progress of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract negotiations, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. He stated the following on Sunday on “ESPN Countdown.”

“If not for Jerry, this deal would be done,” Schefter said.

While some owners believe a deal will be agreed upon, others aren’t quite as sure thanks to Jones, who has interjected himself into the process of the NFL’s six-man compensation committee, becoming the unofficial seventh member.

Jones is now being singled out by some owners and league executives as the reason Goodell does not have the contract extension that many expected to be in place before this season kicked off, per sources. Goodell’s current deal expires in 2019.

The increasingly edgy relationship between Jones and Goodell has sharpened to the point where Goodell’s long-term future could be in question, according to league sources.

“Jerry’s not saying, ‘Don’t hire Roger.’ He’s saying, ‘I hate this [proposed] deal; redo it,'” said one source.”

Goodell’s current deal expires in 2019.

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