Looks Like Kevin Durant Has a Fake Instagram Acct Where He Argues With Kids & LeBron Fans


Earlier today, Kevin Durant pretty much exposed himself for having a fake Twitter account where he can argue with people in peace on his real feelings without receiving any backlash from the media.

It was all good until he forgot to actually log out of his verified account and into his fake one and before he could realize his grave mistake, screenshots were taken.


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If that wasn’t bad enough, an internet sleuth figured out the Golden State Warriors superstar also has a fake Instagram account that he uses to argue with kids and LeBron James’ fans.


SBNation has more details that proves it’s actually Durant:

“It begins with this photo, posted by KD’s brother, who tagged Durant with the account “quiresultan.”


“The account is private, but it’s followed by numerous NBA players, Durant’s stylist and Big Sean — well-known friend of Durant. There are other hints too that this is really the hidden Instagram account of the Warriors’ star.

The profile picture is from Goodfellas, a movie Durant has referred to as being one of his personal favorite movies. The phrase “No live ball turnovers” is likely referring to Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals, where the Warriors scored 17 points off live-ball turnovers in a game that set the tone for Durant’s NBA Finals MVP run.

Finally there’s the name, “quiresultan.” Quire Avenue and Sultan Avenue are both streets in Durant’s home town of Capitol Heights, Maryland.”

After people started to piece everything together, the user name on that Instagram changed and the picture was switched as well.

Imagine being one of the top 5 best basketball players in the world and trolling social media at the same time.

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