REPORT: Miami Dolphins Filed Missing Persons Report After Lawrence Timmons Went Missing

Lawrence Timmons

Lawrence Timmons whereabouts were unknown to the team over the weekend leading up the game against the Los Angeles Chargers and he was ruled out as a result.

The Miami Dolphins linebacker apparently was missing and team was so distraught and worried that they actually filed a missing persons report, according to TMZ.

“Here’s what we know … the Miami Dolphins team was in Southern California on Saturday to play the L.A. Chargers on Sunday.

When the team checked to make sure the players were in their rooms by curfew, Timmons was not there. 

Our sources say the team scrambled to find him — calling family and close friends before ultimately filing a missing persons report with local law enforcement.

The good news … cops found Timmons at LAX early Sunday morning in a boarding area in an effort to get to Pennsylvania. A team rep met Timmons at the airport and left with him. 

So, why Pennsylvania? We’re told Timmons had spoken with his baby mama who lives there and had told her he missed the baby and wanted to visit. He was serious about visiting her.”

No one knows for sure why Timmons would all of sudden neglect his job duties because he missed his child and even his health had come into question as possible signs of CTE may be developing.

“No one has ever seen anything like it,” one unidentified person told ESPN about the problem facing Timmons. The source was adamant that Timmons isn’t dealing with an early onset of symptoms related CTE.

Another source said Timmons, 31, wants to get the issue cleared up as soon as possible and that he “wants to resume playing immediately.”

Such a bizarre end to this story, but I’m sure the Dolphins will seek medical advice just to make sure Timmons is not dealing with a brain injury before he steps foot back on the filed. He is reportedly back with the team and scheduled to visit doctors.

As of right now, he is good to start the next game against the New York Jets on Sunday.

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