San Diego Restaurant Offering Free Tacos For Chargers Losses (VIDEO)


This poor guy may go out business by late November.

The Chargers are already having a rough time getting fans to jump on their bandwagon in Los Angeles and now they have salty fans back in San Diego with an incentive to root against them.

Basically, when the Chargers lose, people in San Diego can eat for free.

According to ABC 10 in San Diego, the owner of El Pollo Grill is giving away one taco to customers the day after the Chargers lose this season. Victor Lopez, a former Chargers fan, had this to say about the franchise:

“My main purpose is so the Chargers hopefully lose,” Victor Lopez said. “They lose 16 games that means 16 times that you can come get a free taco — it’s OK with me.”

To receive that free taco, customers must say the secret word, which is “Spanos Taco”.

The Chargers are currently 0-2, with many more losses expected this season.

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