Somebody Figured Out the Exact Date of the “Space Jam” Game, and It’s Actually Pretty Amazing (Pic)

Space Jam

Space Jam is a classic sports movie. Sure, IMDB only gives it a 6.3. But if they only let people born between 1982 and 1990 review the film, it would probably be in the 8.7 range.

If you were born roughly in that range, even if you’re not a sports fan today, there’s a good chance Space Jam was a HUGE part of your childhood. It had everything the kids loved back then: Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, cartoon violence, R. Kelly slow jams, omnipresent cross-promotional marketing. You name it. It was just the perfect feel-good childhood flick.

Anyway, we bring up Space Jam today because some random dude on the internet has figured out the exact date of “The Ultimate Game,” i.e. the climactic on-court battle between MJ’s Toon Squad and the villainous Monstars.

Of course, even the most diehard Space Jam fans among us have probably never wondered when that game took place, seeing as how it’s just a silly movie about basketball-loving cartoon monsters from outer space. But the random dude in question apparently has a lot of free time on his hands, and he used that time to figure out that The Ultimate Game took place on [SPOILER ALERT] March 5, 1995.

Take a look. I promise, it’s way more interesting and entertaining than I’ve made it sound:

space jam ultimate game date explanation

Well done, internet guy. Well done.

Hat Tip – [reddit]

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