Brandon Marshall the Broncos LB Trolls Fans Who Think He’s Brandon Marshall the Giants WR (TWEETS)


There are two guys named Brandon Marshall in the National Football League. There’s wide receiver Brandon Marshall, the six-time Pro Bowler who currently plays for the New York Giants. And there’s inside linebacker Brandon Marshall, who currently plays for the Denver Broncos.

Maybe you knew that, because you’re a football expert and whatnot. But there were a lot of angry people on Twitter on Monday night who didn’t know that. While Brandon Marshall the wide receiver was playing a terrible game for the terrible Giants, these people were all yelling at Brandon Marshall the linebacker.

What did Brandon Marshall the linebacker do? He didn’t tell them they had the wrong guy, that’s for sure. Instead he leaned into it and trolled the hell out of them, all while the other Brandon Marshall was still out on the field dropping passes on Monday Night Football.

Amazingly, only a few people found it odd that Brandon Marshall the receiver was tweeting during the game.

Take a look:






Naturally, anyone who was in on the joke got a huge kick out of all this.




Well played, Brandon Marshall the linebacker.

Hat Tip – [theScore]

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