Florida Gators Players Taunt Tennessee Fans, Flip Them The Double-Bird (VIDEO)

Gators Double Bird

Over the weekend, the Florida Gators kicked off their SEC schedule by beating the Tennessee Volunteers in epic fashion—with a 63-yard Hail Mary on the final play for a 26-20 victory.

It was the most exciting finish from what would turn out to be an exciting weekend of college football. When Tyrie Cleveland hauled in that pass from Feleipe Franks in the end zone, the Swamp erupted. Gators players and fans began their frenzied celebration.  And for two Gators players—freshman DB McArthur Burnett and freshman QB Kyle Trask—the celebration included some Gator chomps and double-birds in the faces of the Volunteers fans (who were also flipping some double-birds of their own.

Here’s a look at the footage:

And the Facebook video’s caption:

I hate that we lost but at least our players don’t represent our team like this. I love a rivalry but be classy about it

EDIT: I know our fans have done questionable things. They shouldn’t have peed on the tebow statue but I’m not saying this over and over again: players are supposed to be controlled by coaches and fans are not. This is a representation of the control Jim Mcelwain and staff has on its players. If this was a Tennessee player I would be embarrassed. Athletes are held to a higher standard.

Personal opinion: Blasting the opposing team’s players for dancing in front of you and flipping you the bird while you flip the bird back at them seems pretty hypocritical. These are college kids enjoying a heated rivalry. No one was hurt (besides maybe some feelings). Everyone lived. Get over it.

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