Mike Francesca GOES OFF On Penn State Coach For Icing Kicker With 56-0 Lead (VIDEOS)

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When you’re up 56 points in the fourth quarter and the other team is just trying to get some points on the board, you don’t ice their kicker. In fact, you probably give them the points. Unless you’re Penn State, in which case you get really petty and ice Georgia State’s kicker with a timeout just before the snap.

The Georgia State kicker hit the attempt that was negated by the timeout, then missed the “real” field goal attempt, serving as yet another indignation in a game full of them.

Of course, Penn State defended the call, because they’re terrible.

Mike Francesca wasn’t quite so open to an explanation. In fact, he went apesh** crazy.

Sure, his reaction is WAY dramatic, but he’s not wrong. In fact, he’s totally correct. People should be furious. That’s some cheap stuff from a program that’s not exactly in the people’s good graces. Next time, just let the kid kick and take the W.

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