Robert Griffin III Blasts Santana Moss: “To Openly Lie About Me Is a Betrayal” (TWEETS)

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Unemployed quarterback Robert Griffin III just let out a LOT of steam on Twitter.

On Monday, former NFL wide receiver Santana Moss told 106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes that RGIII gloated and took credit for getting Mike Shanahan fired in Washington. Griffin, of course, had been feuding with Shanahan after being benched for the final three games of the 2013 season.

“I’m not sure if that was [Griffin’s] whole plan,” Moss explained, “but when the whole thing went about, we hear that Mike Shanahan’s not coming back the next year, then we hear the quarterback like, ‘Hey, mmhmm.’ Like basically saying that, ‘Hey, you got me out of here not playing last year the last few games, then that’s what happens. You get fired.’

“You can’t do that,” Moss continued. “One thing I just shared with you, God don’t like ugly. The little credit that [Griffin] did take for saying, ‘They didn’t like what I was doing’ or ‘They benched me and not allowing me to play,’ that’s what happens.”

On Tuesday, Griffin took to Twitter and flat-out accused Moss of lying.

“Santana Moss, I treat you like a brother and have always had your back,” Griffin wrote. “To openly lie about me is a betrayal.”


That wasn’t all RGIII had to say, either. He followed that tweet up with six more, saying he’s been lied to a lot over the years, that it wasn’t his fault Shanahan never wanted him, and that he’s proved his work ethic and ability to lead.




Doesn’t sound like these two are going to be hanging out at Washington alumni events any time soon.

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