Albert Haynesworth Details How Baby Mama Physically Abused Him For Years, Called Him Racists Names


Former Washington Redskins and Tennessee Titans player Albert Haynesworth dated WNBA player Brittany Jackson for over two years. During that time, she would physically abuse him and call him the n-word, according to what Haynesworth told police.

TMZ got a hold of the police reports that show just how bad things got with Jackson:

“Ex-NFL superstar Albert Haynesworth claims he’s the victim of domestic violence — alleging his baby mama physically and verbally abused him … and TMZ Sports has the police report.

“Not only has she called me unthinkable names she has been extremely violent,” Haynesworth claims.

The 6’6″, 350-pound defensive tackle says he called police on the woman more than 10 times during their rocky 2-year relationship.

“I have witnesses and bruises but me for some reason still tried to protect her by not sending her to jail bc I didn’t want to ruin her so called career and name.”

TMZ Sports obtained a police report filed back in January in which Haynesworth told police in Tennessee that Jackson kicked him in the groin twice after an argument at a friend’s house. Albert told cops the woman had been drinking wine.

Haynesworth claims the woman, who is white, would call him the n-word — despite the fact they have a mixed race child together — because “she said she wanted me to feel hurt bc I didn’t show her affection.”

Haynesworth continued:

“Being a man I am a provider and protecter I have millions of faults that are not flattering but NO ONE deserves to be mentally and physically abuse!!!”

This is terrible, if true. And if it is, she should receive the same type of treatment that he would get if the shoe was on the other foot.

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