Alex Smith’s Buddy Pulled the Sickest Bro Move To Help Him Snag His Hot Wife

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You would think an NFL QB would have their pick of most any woman they encounter at a bar, but such wasn’t the case when Alex Smith met his wife-to-be at a West Coast nightclub. Speaking with his wife Elizabeth on In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Smith recounts how, at first, Elizabeth wasn’t all that interested in him.

Fortunately for Alex, his buddy was a pro wingman and put things in motion. Says Elizabeth:

“I was with a girlfriend and Alex happened to be with someone I had grown up with, he introduced us. … It was, maybe not love at first sight.”

She continued:

“You weren’t the most talkative person. I mean, Alex is a pretty shy guy when you first meet him, quiet. So he was really sweet, came over, but I was with a girlfriend, there to have a good time, just me and her.”

However, Alex had an ace up his sleeve in his buddy, who actually knew Elizabeth from before. Elizabeth recounts:

“My friend, who I had run into and kind of caught up with that night said, ‘Give me your number, let’s chat, would love to catch up.’ So I gave him my number and left with my friend, and he, unbeknownst to me, went to Alex and said, ‘Here, she wants me to give you her number.”

Nice work, anonymous friend!

But when Alex reached out instead of their mutual friend, she was a bit confused:

“She was totally miffed like, ‘Uhh, who is this? I didn’t give my number out.’ So that’s when I first found out that he had totally just done this unbeknownst to either of us.”

I’d say that in this case, the end justifies the means.

Here’s more of Elizabeth:

We rocked the vote✌

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About last night… Chopped the mop!! #soliberating #gotthatmombob

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The season didn’t end the way we hoped but Alex has his health, chiefs win and I have this girl to keep me laughing. Here’s to an amazing offseason of family adventures!! #shamelessduckface

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Back in KC and so happy to see this man!! #CHIEFS

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