‘Jeopardy!’ Actually Asked A Question About The Crying Jordan Meme (VIDEO)

Steph Curry Crying Jordan

Every year, the internet is provided with a bevy of new memes that last about a week or so before dying off and being replaced by the next great meme.

There is one particular meme that has stood the test of the time and refuses to die off—mainly because of the many different ways it can be used in almost every situation possible. The Crying Jordan meme came into out internet lives in 2016, and it hasn’t lost any steam whatsoever.

Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan cried these tears of joy way back in 2009 during his hall of fame speech. Since then, that face became the go-to face to use on anybody who fails at anything in sports, politics, music, EVERYTHING.

On Wednesday, the meme made it all the way onto Jeopardy, further proving that this is the greatest meme of all-time.


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