NFL Line Judge Carl Johnson Under Investigation By League For Domestic Abuse

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

An investigation is underway by the NFL regarding domestic abuse allegations surrounding official Carl Johnson. While his live-in girlfriend has gone to the police with allegations that the line judge abused her in both 2016 and 2017, she also sought counseling from the NFL in March of this year, according to TMZ.

Said a league spokesperson simply,  “The matter is under review under the league’s personal conduct policy.”

Officials are held to the same personal conduct policy that players are, for what that’s worth. Johnson has denied the allegations in court, though it’s not clear where the criminal matter stands at the moment. There’s no word from Johnson or the league if a penalty is imminent or when, but it’s yet another bad look for the league that’s made such an effort to curb its epidemic of domestic violence…with minimal success.

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