Steelers Fan Gets Jumped & Rock Bottom’d By Cleveland Browns Fans (VIDEO)

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Week one of the NFL season brought us a bunch of rivalry games. One of them included the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns. Coming off an undefeated preseason, the Browns were looking to bring those winning vibes against a division rival.

Unfortunately, there fan bases decided to fight for the division in the stands with fists and wrestling moves.

One Steelers fan thought it would be a grand idea to antagonize the crowd as he made his way up the stairs. But when he tried to wave his ‘terrible towel,’ a Cleveland Browns fan grabbed it and threw it away.

A brawl ensued shortly after, with the Steelers fan being heavily outnumbered. And to make matters worse, one guy pulled off a ‘Rock Bottom’ and slammed the dude hard on the pavement. He eventually got up, ready to fight some more, and was met with punches from yet another Browns fan.

Watch the craziness below:

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