Virginia Union Coach Slaps Reporter’s Phone Away During Heated Postgame Interaction (VIDEO)

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Mark James, the head coach of Virginia Union, had to make a bizarre apology to a reporter after he tried knocking a phone out of the press member’s hand during the on-field handshakes following the team’s loss to Winston-Salem. The game was close—with a score of 21-20 when it ended—and the tension bled out into the postgame ceremonies, where press members scrambled to get footage of the escalating action.

However, they were met by antagonistic Virginia Union players and coaches who tried to knock their phones away, possibly to maintain anonymity during the escalating action.

Here’s Steve Gaither‘s account on Twitter, which mirrors John Dell‘s posted view of events:

Said Gaither on the HBCU Gameday Podcast, he doesn’t understand what the animosity was about. He said, “We’re giving these guys press, and then for this type of thing to happen, it’s just very disconcerting. How are you going to be able to appeal to people to come cover your games if they think their equipment might be taken?”

Good point.

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