Jay-Z Said ‘No Thanks’ to Super Bowl LII Halftime Show Offer

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

The NFL got a pretty big boost from Lady Gaga’s impressive Super Bowl halftime show last season. So it’s no surprise to hear that they’d like to build a little more goodwill among casual fans by getting another top-notch act to step up for the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show.

That act won’t be Jay-Z, though. According to The Source,  Hova was offered the gig but shot down the opportunity, with a source close to the talks saying,  “He really has no plans to do the half-time show.” It may not be the case, but it has been suggested that Jay-Z’s refusal may be in part due to the league’s inability or unwillingness to speak up on the social issues that its players are currently backing.

I guess that U.S. Bank Stadium is still in need of a musical act come February. Does anyone want to step up and expose themselves to the quickly-outraged public in an effort to make a quick buck?

Anyone? Anyone?


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