Pittsburgh Police Officers Beat the Sh*t Out of a Guy Outside Penguins Arena (VIDEO)

pittsburgh police beat man outside penguins arena

Five Pittsburgh police officers were caught on video beating and tasing a man outside PPG Paints Arena on Tuesday night.

The man in question is 47-year-old Daniel T. Adelman of Ravenna, Ohio. According to court documents obtained by the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, the officers said they were arresting another man for forgery when Adelman ran up to them and “took a fighting stance.” At that point, Officer Andrew Jacobs says he feared Adelman “was going to strike myself or other officers,” so he punched the guy in the face “between three to five times” as a preventative measure. Then, after Adelman fell to the ground, he punched him “another four to seven times in the rib cage.”

The video, shot by a bystander, does not show the beginning of the altercation. It picks up with Officer Jacobs on top of Adelman, punching him in the ribs and slamming him repeatedly into the pavement. While Jacobs is wailing away, you hear someone say “Shut up, you f—er!” and “Stop resisting!” and eventually “Get your f—ing taser, Bobby!” Then you hear the clicking sound of a taser before Adelman goes limp, and Adelman saying, “I’m trying to help!”

Click here to view the entire unedited version of the video for yourself.

Here’s a report from CBS Pittsburgh:

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And here’s an interview with Adelman. He admits that he was drunk, but claims he jumped in because he thought a plain-clothes police officer was in trouble—which would explain why he says “I’m trying to help” at the end of the arrest video.

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This incident is currently under investigation. It’s pretty clear that Daniel Adelman screwed up big time. However, it’s also pretty clear that Officer Jacobs severely overreacted. Adelman may have resisted arrest initially. But he’s not resisting when Officer Jacobs tells Bobby to get the taser. At that point Adelman is just trying to protect himself from a beating. It’s a completely natural reaction.

With so much scrutiny on the use of force by police officers around the country, it will be interesting to hear the findings in this case.

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