Richard Sherman Blasts NFL Over Injury Reports, Says They Only Help Gambling Industry (VIDEO)

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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman criticized the NFL on Wednesday over the league’s obsession with injury reports.

Last year the NFL investigated the Seahawks for not disclosing a knee injury that Sherman played through. Eventually they let the team off with a warning. As a result of this warning, Sherman was listed as “questionable” on the Seahawks injury report ahead of last week’s victory over the 49ers, even though it was just a minor hamstring injury that he never doubted he would play through.

Obviously, NFL players don’t always like disclosing their injuries because doing so can give their opponents strategic advantages.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Sherman said the only reason the NFL makes teams publicize injuries is to help Vegas sports books get their odds right. He then pointed out that this is pretty hypocritical, given the league’s hardline stance against gambling.

“I guess from what I understand the rules are for gamblers, for Vegas to make sure the odds and everything are what they are supposed to be, which is apparently what the league is concerned about when talking about injuries and things like that,” Sherman told reporters. “So maybe someone should look into that, because I thought we weren’t a gambling league or were against all of those things. But our injury report is specifically to make sure the gamblers get their odds right.”

When somebody pointed out that injury reports also help fantasy football, Sherman concurred.

“Fantasy football, oh my God,” he said. “They are almost as bad as the gamblers.”

Sherman’s point is not that gambling or fantasy sports are bad things. In fact, he himself promotes fantasy gambling site DRAFT.

His point is simply that the NFL says one thing and does another. Which, you know, is true.

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