Despite Jerry Jones’ Best Efforts, It Looks Like Roger Goodell Is Getting His Contract Extension

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

This week reports came in that Jerry Jones was working to build opposition to Roger Goodell‘s lucrative contract extension as commissioner of the NFL, saying that his objections were based more on the amount of money Goodell was to earn than his fitness for the job. Despite his efficacy in rallying owners in the past, it looks like Jerry’s going to come up short on this one.

Sources close to the league office and owners say the deal is going through, as planned.

Jones balked that Goodell had earned over $200 million in ten years as commissioner and wanted a structure in place that paid less in base salary and more in a performance-based fashion. As it stands now, it’s thought that Goodell stands to make as much as $40 million per year in the new contract.

Speaking to ESPN, the source said the deal was “getting papered right now,” and is “getting done.”

Jerry’s a prideful man, so this has to sting, but something tells me he’ll be left standing at the end of the day. Well, unless Goodell manages to run the league into the ground, which seems like a very real possibility.

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