Social Media Shared Their CRAZIEST Week 2 NFL Fantasy Stories; Here Are The Best (TWEETS)

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It took only two weeks for all of us to be reminded that sometimes fantasy football just doesn’t make any sense.

For proof of that, look no further than the top five players at each of the four key skill positions in fantasy (QB, RB, WR, and TE).  As pointed out in the tweet below, only three players across all four positions were actually ranked in the top 5 (at their position) in most pre-draft fantasy football rankings:


While it’s becoming hard to predict exactly who will perform and who’s going to put up a dud each week, one thing you can always count on from fantasy football is excitement.  

Sometimes we find ourselves on the favorable side of that excitement, while other times it’s heartbreak we’re faced with. We asked social media to share us their best stories from week 2 of the fantasy football season.  Here’s a look at some of the best:

I think we can all agree that stat corrections suck when you’re on the wrong end of them:



Got Jordan Howard? These dudes feel your pain:

And speaking of that Odell Beckham drop…


That Monday nighter seemed to dish out a ton of unlikely “W’s” and heartbreaking “L’s”:


And then there’s this dude, who deserves a big fat “L” for joining a league that makes you draft punters:


Not all fantasy match-ups were decided on Monday night.  Some came down to the wire during Sunday night’s shootout between the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers: 


Did you have high expectations for Kerwynn Williams? This guys did, and boy was he ever disappointed:


Always be sure to set your lineups, folks. You may not end up being as lucky as this dude who didn’t:


Sometimes family and fantasy football just don’t mix:


And finally, perhaps my two favorite stories of the week:

Good luck in week 3!!!

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