Youth Football Coaches Punished After On-Field Fight, Choking Incident (VIDEO)

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The Union Youth Football Association in Tulsa has punished two coaches, banning one outright, after a dispute over a kid’s playing time led one to put another coach in a chokehold.

The incident was all caught on camera, making the administration of punishments a pretty easy process for league officials.

The debate over who should play and the surrounding commotion took place on the Union Silver team’s sideline, which is somewhat ironic in that the team won the game, 31-6.

Russell Barber, the man who took video of the incident, knew this would be a big deal as it was unfolding. Speaking to Tulsa World, he said, “As soon as I caught it, I thought, ‘The (youth football) league’s gonna want to see this, and the schools are gonna want to see this so they can take the appropriate action. I hesitated (about posting it online) for a minute, but then I thought, ‘The need for someone to learn from this is more important.’”

Fortunately, no kids were involved here, but it’s still a very bad look for the coaches, who are supposed to set examples for the kids.

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