Brittany Jackson Denies Calling Albert Haynesworth The N-word, Says She’s The Mother of His 7th Child

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Former Washington Redskins and Tennessee Titans player Albert Haynesworth dropped a bombshell this week when he revealed that his longtime girlfriend and WNBA player Brittany Jackson has been emotionally and physically violent towards him for years. She even called him the n-word on multiple occasions.

The former Lady Vols basketball standout is fed up with the lies. She is speaking out, saying, “Accusations of me being racially biased are absurd.”

Knoxville News has the details:

“In the statement provided to the Knoxville News Sentinel late Thursday, Jackson begins by saying she is “saddened and humiliated” by Haynesworth’s recent Twitter tirade against her, “the mother of our beautiful child.”

Haynesworth alleged in a series of tweets Wednesday that Jackson called him the n-word “on numerous occasions” and became violent “where more than 10 times in Tennessee and Florida I, me, Albert called the police to restrain her.”

The former 6-foot-6, 320-pound defensive tackle posted another tweet Thursday night, apparently referring to renewed criticism over reports he said, “I don’t even like black girls,” when accused of sexual assault by a Washington, D.C., waitress in 2011.

“Let me get something straight everybody can understand!!! I love ALL women!!! As long you are a beautiful REAL WOMAN trust me I’m trying to smash!!!” Haynesworth wrote, using a slang term for having sex.”

If that wasn’t crazy enough, she also revealed that she’s the mother of Albert Haynesworth’s 7th child:

“Shockingly enough finding out I am the mother of Alberts 7th child, I do not feel I need to stoop to make public his true conduct. As for the domestic accusations, I can not comment at this time due to current litigations but the truth always surfaces.

“Accusations of me being racially biased are absurd. Come on albert we lived together for over 2 years and have a beautiful biracial baby that I love more than anything in this world!”

Haynesworth finished his career with 30.5 sacks and 261 tackles in eleven years.

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