Michael Rapaport Goes in On Big Baller Brand For Remixing Sneakers & The Original Hasn’t Come Out Yet (VIDEO)

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On Thursday, Big Baller Brand announced a new-look Z02 “Prime Remix,” whihc is a remake of the original ZO2 Prime that everybody who ordered will never get to wear.


According to LaVar Ball, if you ordered the original Z02’s, you can get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the remix pair. That was more than enough for actor and comedian Michael Rapaport to take to Instagram and absolutely roast the hell out of the Ball family for remixing a shoe when the original never saw the light of day.

Check it out:

Big Baller Brand Remixed sneakers nobody has received yet? A post shared by Michael Rapaport (@michaelrapaport) on

So Lonzo Ball, who has yet to play in a regular season game in his career, is already on his second signature shoe. Meanwhile, not a single person outside his family will have worn the 1st pair. Because Big Baller Brand.

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