State of California Sues Gatorade Over Anti-Water Campaign (Video)

usain bolt gatorade

Gatorade launched a marketing campaign back in 2012 aimed at convincing teens that water is bad for athletic performance. Now Gatorade is being sued by the State of California, which argues that the sports drink company violated California laws that prohibit advertisers from delivering misleading messages to consumers.

The centerpiece of the marketing campaign in question was a mobile game called “Bolt!” In it, players had to make Jamaican track superstar Usain Bolt run through an obstacle course. If little Usain grabbed water droplets he slowed down, but if he grabbed Gatorade droplets he sped up.

The game was reportedly downloaded 2.3 million times and promoted by the likes of Justin Bieber, Mike Tyson, and Troy Polamalu.

Take a look:

According to the State of California, it would be one thing if Gatorade claimed that their product was better than water for athletic performance. But Gatorade claimed water actually impedes athletic performance. And the state says this is untrue.

The State is seeking to block Gatorade from continuing their anti-water campaign and slap the company with a big fat fine.

I think it’s safe to say water aficionado Tom Brady probably approves.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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