If Carmelo Anthony Gets Traded, This Twitter User Will Have To Buy A LOT of People ‘NBA 2K18’ (TWEET)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

It seems that Carmelo Anthony is never NOT on the trade block, but it seems that expectations are especially high that he’ll find his way to Houston to team up with James Harden and Chris Paul in short order.

That is why it’s so baffling that one Twitter user is promising everyone who retweets him a copy of NBA 2K18 if the trade happens by Tuesday.

Who knows if this guy plans on following through, but it’s worth a shot, if only to criticize him when Melo gets dealt and owes everyone games.

Let’s hope this 18-year-old has the money to drop $60 each on 1,000 or so copies of the game. Ouch. This may have gotten away from him quickly.

Unless he’s got a sponsor, this could quickly turn into several years’ worth of wages.

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