Bills K Stephen Hauschka: ‘Important For White People To Recognize Racial Inequality’

Stephen Hauschka

When politics gets mixed with sports, it’s rather common to hear from different players on a given team. What isn’t common, is to hear from a kicker on any team.

Buffalo Bills kicker Stephen Hauschka wanted to promote a message of unity as he watches the way black people are treated on and off the field. He believes it’s important for white people to also recognize the growing division within this country.

“I think a lot of white people don’t understand it and are afraid to be involved,” Hauschka said Thursday to Kimberley A. Martin of The Buffalo News. “And I think it’s important for white people to see there is inequality everywhere in the country right now, and in the world.”

Hauschka went on to state that his viewpoints have been molded by the many black teammates he’s had throughout his 10-year career.

“I don’t have all the answers, I don’t even pretend to. But I am open to talking about it and I am open to learning about it with the hopes that one day, either our generation or future generations, can improve racial inequality and how people are treated around the world,” he said.

Hauschka’s wife, Lindsey, who worked as an immigration attorney, had this to say on Twitter:



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