Charles Barkley Says Warriors Not Visiting White House ‘Sets A Bad Precedent’ (VIDEO)

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There have been several high profiled names around the league that have showed support for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors as they continue to have a back and forth with President Donald Trump. Charles Barkley is not going to be one of those players.

The former NBA great and current TNT analyst believes the Warriors should want to visit the White House, no matter whose in office at that time. Barkley feels the Warriors organization is setting a bad precedent.

“I think it’s really unfortunate. I think that it’s an honor and privilege to go to the White House, no matter who the president is,” said Barkley during a phone interview with NBA TV Saturday. “And also, I thought it would have been an opportunity for those guys to sit down and talk to the president about some of the issues and concerns they had.

“We’re all concerned about police brutality. I’m concerned about DACA. They could have negotiated a sit-down instead of just coming in, do that informal stuff where he stands there and you get your jersey and everything. It’s unfortunate. It’s just really sad, to be honest with you. When guys start not going to the White House because they don’t like who the president is, I think that sets a bad precedent.”


After being made aware that Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry had no desire to visit the White House, Donald Trump jumped on Twitter on Saturday morning and withdrew his invitation for the Warriors.

That tweet set fire to social media as everybody including LeBron, Chris Paul, and even Kobe Bryant had to speak out.

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