Cris Carter Delivers A Passionate Speech on CTE & What Football Has Done For Him (VIDEO)


A day after reports came out that deceased former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez had the worst case of the degenerative brain disease CTE for a player his age, even more panic began to come out from former and current players of the NFL.

During his Fox Sports 1 show on Friday, Cris Carter reflected on CTE, football, and his own career during a highly emotional and passionate speech.

“It’s alarming, a guy that was 27 I know Aaron Hernandez because Urban Meyer is a good friend of mine,” said Carter, appearing on his show “First Things First.” “I saw him recruit him from Bristol, CT, an all-American. I saw him at the University of Florida at practices and to think this a game we encourage young people to play and the end result is that. I’m conflicted.”

Carter added, “I’ve had teammates who killed themselves: Andre Waters, teammate of mine in Philadelphia. I’ve had good friends of mine: Junior Seau, Dave Duerson. Great men, guys that have done tremendous things in their community. All of a sudden they became violent and took their own lives. So I worry. I worry what my future is.”

Carter claimed he never suffered a concussion during his 16-year career and is thankful for everything football had provided for him.

“I wouldn’t change a thing,” said Carter. “Football gave me a sense of purpose. It gave me a sense of me. There’s not a whole bunch of options in America for a black man. But sports gives you that opportunity … so where would my life be without football? I don’t know. And I hate to think about. … So for me, I still encourage young people. The game is safer now than it’s ever been.”

“I hope the rest of my life works out well,” added Carter, “but I’m willing to suffer the consequences of what it’s done for me.”

A study earlier this summer revelaed 110 of 111 brains of deceased NFL players donated to research had CTE.

Here’s the full video:


(NY Daily News)

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