Draymond Green on LeBron Calling Trump a ‘Bum’: “I Respect It” (VIDEO)

Draymond Green

On the court, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are bitter enemies trying to destroy each other en route to another NBA Championship.

Off the court, these guys are all good friends who look out for each other. That was evident when Lebron James took to social media and called Donald Trump a ‘bum’ for withdrawing his White House invitation to the Golden State Warriors—even though most of the team had already stated they weren’t going anyway.


Draymond Green, who has had his fair share of troubles with LeBron in the past, was asked about the King’s comments on Twitter. He couldn’t stop smiling as he tried desperately to find the right words to say.

​​”It’s a free country. He called him a bum. I respect it.”


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