Bruce Maxwell Says He’s Received Death Threats Since Kneeling During Anthem

(via Santiago Mejia / @sfchronicle)

(via Santiago Mejia / @sfchronicle)

On Saturday, Bruce Maxwell put the sports world on notice after he became the first MLB player to kneel for the national anthem, and the responses he got from it after the game were not exactly kind.

As a matter of fact, they were downright threatening.

The Oakland Athletics rookie catcher revealed to  John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday that he’s received numerous death threats. People have also wished multiple injuries on him for his anthem protest.

“Racial slurs for the most part. I’ve got some people who wish I got hurt indefinitely, wish I got suspended, little things,” Maxwell said.

“I expected it. It’s nothing different from what I dealt with in my life. Threats I get are part of the problem.”

Despite the threats, he stated he has not contacted the authorities about any of them as he’s chalked them all up to being ‘keyboard warriors.’

“What I’m doing is peaceful,” he told Shea. “What I’m doing is for a meaning. People who throw hate my way are people who also don’t understand there’s a problem, and they choose not to understand. That’s fine with me.

“The whole point of this is to inform people there is a problem. That’s what all these actions are going on around the NFL and NBA and now on the baseball field. It’s to inform people that there are people in this country being mistreated because of the color of their skin or where they come from or their heritage, and that’s what why I’m doing it.”

Take a quick look on Twitter and you’ll see plenty of those ‘keyboard warriors’ sending all types of threats Maxwell’s way.


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