For The 3rd Straight Week, Tony Romo Called A Play Before It Happened On The Field (VIDEO)

On the field, Tony Romo wasn’t respected the way he probably should’ve been, being an undrafted player playing at his level and all. But that had more to do with him playing on such a polarizing team.

Now retired, the former Dallas Cowboys signal caller continues to impress with his new-found play-calling duties for CBS.

This week, he was calling the Packers-Bengals game, and once again, he called a few plays out before they happened.

On 3rd-and-3 for the Cincinnati Bengals, Romo accurately called out a run for Joe Mixon. Even though Mixon didn’t convert the first down, it was still rather impressive by Romo.

In this specific case, the alignment, they stacked the receivers outside,” Romo said. “If you get a good box, which means you have five offensive linemen and there’s five guys for them to block, let’s run the ball. If there are six guys, let’s throw the ball. I saw five. I played the percentages.”



Later on in that same game, Romo continued to impress by accurately stating the Packers were going to use their RB to chip block one of the Bengals defenders as he rushed the QB.

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