Political Action Committee That Supports Donald Trump Plans To Boycott NFL Because of Kneeling Players

Welp. First it was the Colin Kaepernick supporters who planned on boycotting the NFL.  And now it’s the anti-kneelers who are set to boycott the league.

America First Policies is a political action committee that fully supports President Donald Trump. His recent comments during a rally on Friday upset numerous players and teams around the NFL, but the people of America First Policies are standing by their commander in chief during these troubled times.

After the majority of demonstrations during anthems on Sunday went viral all over social media, America First Policies took to Facebook and created a campaign that asked the fans of the page to boycott the league. Their new series of ads are titled, “Turn off the NFL,” with the hashtag #TakeAStandNotAKnee.

Their caption reads as follows:

“Rather than watch the NFL disrespect our country…

Turn on something that honors the great men and women who make sacrifices to protect our freedom and what our Great American Flag stands for. 

Thank you to our great Veterans!”

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