Jerry Jones Gets a Hilarious Wikipedia Update After The Cowboys Kneeled Before Anthem (PICS)

All eyes were on the Dallas Cowboys at University of Phoenix Stadium on Monday Night Football, as many wanted to know what ‘America’s Team’ was going to do after a Sunday filled with anthem protests.

To everyone’s surprise, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones accompanied the players, coaches, and his family on the field, as they all linked their arms and kneeled before the playing of the anthem. Then, once the anthem was about to begin, they stood up, returned to their sideline, and remained standing throughout the entire Star Spangled Banner.

Cowboys fans on social media clearly weren’t happy with Jerry. He displayed a strong stance against kneeling, then seemingly straddled the fence after constant media pressure.

Someone was angry enough to take to Wikipedia and give him a hilarious update:

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(Credit to Evan Katz)

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