Lions Twitter Think’s Dean Blandino’s Explanation of Controversial Call Is Bullsh*t (TWEETS)

golden tate touchdown overturned

The Detroit Lions suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. It appeared that they had won the game with eight seconds left on a touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford to Golden Tate. However, a replay review showed that, in fact, Tate’s knee was down before he broke the plane of the endzone.

The ruling itself wasn’t that controversial. The replay was pretty clear. Tate’s knee was down. What really pissed off the Lions and their fans was the fact that the Lions didn’t get one last chance to score, even though there were eight seconds left on the clock when Tate went down.

As explained by Fox officiating analyst Dean Blandino, who used to be the NFL’s head of officials, any time there is a replay review, 10 seconds come off the clock.


The point of this rule is to make sure teams don’t get an unfair timeout. It assumes that, on average, it takes teams at least 10 seconds to get to the line of scrimmage and run a play. In this case, if the initial call had been no touchdown, Blandino says the clock would have run out before the Lions could run a play because they didn’t have any timeouts.

The Detroit Lions disagree with that assumption. They think the automatic 10-second runoff is bullsh*t. And their social media staff went right at Blandino:


Basically, the Lions are saying the mandatory clock runoff for a replay review should be no more than seven seconds—which in this case would have left one second for them to run a play—because they ran a play in just seven seconds that one time.

They don’t have a very strong case. But hey, you have to admire their feistiness!

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