Shannon Sharpe Called Out Ray Lewis, LeSean McCoy For Their Hypocrisy In Protesting All Of a Sudden (VIDEO)

Shannon Sharpe11

During the very first game of the day way out in London, the world was shocked to see Ray Lewis kneeling with the current players on the Ravens squad after he had been a very vocal critic of Colin Kaepernick’s protesting in the past.

Weeks ago, Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy made it clear that Colin Kaepernick kneeling had nothing to do with him not having a job in the league, saying he’s not good enough for the distraction he brings. On Sunday, he staged a protest by continuing to stretch during the anthem while teammates and coaches stood just a few feet from him.

On Monday’s edition of ‘Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe ripped into both of Lewis and McCoy for the hypocrisy they displayed.


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