Cubs Shortstop Addison Russell Personally Delivers Replacement Nachos to Cardinals Fan (Videos)

Addison Russell Destroys Cardinals Fan Nachos Delivers Replacement

The Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals may have one of the most intense rivalries in sports, but Cubs shortstop Addison Russell wasn’t going to let that keep him from doing right by a Cardinals fan at Busch Stadium on Monday night.

Russell dove into the stands for a foul ball during the second inning of Monday’s series opener between the Cubs and Cards in St. Louis. In the process he inadvertently obliterated one Cardinal fan’s nachos, spraying himself with nacho shrapnel in the process. Meanwhile the fan looked like his parents just told him the truth about Santa Clause.

Back in the dugout, one can only assume Russell’s teammates took the opportunity to tell him, “don’t worry, it’s nacho fault” (#dadjoke). But Russell still wanted to make it up to the guy. So a few innings later—with the Cubs up 8-1—the Cubs shortstop personally delivered some replacement nachos.

The gesture was very much appreciated by the Cardinals fan…

Find someone that looks at you like this man looks at nachos.

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…who had already changed his Twitter name to Nacho Man by the time he snapped a selfie with Russell.

But of course, as you can see, Nacho Man couldn’t help pointing out that his team gave him better replacement nachos than the Cubs.

You can put a rivalry on hold, but it never really goes away.

Hat Tip – [theScore]

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