IG Model Explains How She Finessed Ex-NBA Player Jordan Hill Out of Plane Ticket Because He Wanted Sex Only (VIDEO)

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With the popularity of social media, we regularly hear about athletes and their conquest with multiple women almost weekly, mainly because the women end up exposing them for whatever reason.

Unfortunately for former NBA player Jordan Hill, it’s his time to be exposed, but not for something he did. Rather, he’s being exposed for getting played in an epic way.

TMZ has the backstory:

“Ex-Lakers player Jordan Hill is getting called out by one of the most famous booty models on the ‘Gram — with Ghetto Barbie claiming Hill tried to fly her out to smash, but she burned him good instead. 

Here’s the deal … Ghetto Barbie and ‘Love and Hip Hop‘ star Jhonni Blaze appeared on “Raq Rants” where they talked about some of their NBA crushes. 

Blaze shouted out Hill as her crush — and that’s when Ghetto Barbie revealed that he once slid into her DMs and bought her a ticket to fly.

Why, you ask? 

Barbie says she wanted to teach Hill a lesson — don’t think a free airplane ticket means you automatically get the booty.”

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Let’s take a closer look at what Jordan Hill was attempting to fly out and enjoy before she flipped the script:

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