Kanye West Called Mike Conley In Middle Of Night To Tell Him He Loves Him Playing Style

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Kanye West is somewhat notorious for calling up people in the middle of the night to lavish praise on them, and it would seem that his most recent target is a somewhat unsung hero in the Grizzlies’ Mike Conley.

Conley said Yeezy rang him at 12:30 at night to just tell him how great he thinks he is.

Speaking at Media Day, Conley revealed, “He actually watches me play. That’s what I was thinking in my head, ‘He knows a lot about me.’ He wasn’t reading off a paper or anything.”

Here’s how Conley described his chat with Kanye while speaking to the media:

As for how Conley could use this to his advantage after quietly coming off the best season of his career, he had a few suggestions.

“I’m looking for a feature or something,” Conley says he told Kanye. “Like put me in the background, sample some of my music.”

Good luck with that, guys.

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