LeBron James Speaks Publicly About Kyrie Irving Trade for the First Time (Video)

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LeBron James publicly addressed the Kyrie Irving trade saga for the first time at the Cavaliers media day on Monday. He said that, while the trade request left him feeling shocked, he eventually came to respect Kyrie’s decision.

“I had a ton of emotions,” LeBron said of learning about Kyrie’s trade request. “You know, I was wondering if there was something I could have did better to make him not want to be traded. Was it the way the season finished. Was it me coming back in the first place. Was it the coaching changes, or the GM change, or, I don’t know.”

“I tried to do whatever I could do to help the kid out and so he could be the best player he could be,” LeBron continued. “I tried to give him everything, give him as much of my DNA as I could. As I said throughout [last] season, at some point when he was ready to take over the keys, I was ready to give them to him.”

LeBron says he did reach out to Kyrie when he learned about the trade request.

“I reached out to him because I just wanted to get a little insight on why he felt like he wanted to move on,” LeBron told reporters. “He basically just let me know that that was the direction that he wanted to go in. And I was okay with that. And it’s a business. I understand that…The kid wanted to do what was best for his career, and I give credit to our GM, Koby [Altman], and our ownership for granting that for him.”

Maybe LeBron is just better at keeping his emotions bottled up, but he sure sounds less salty than Kyrie at this point.

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