Michael Bennett Tells Anderson Cooper He’d Love to “Sit Down with the President and Talk About These Issues” (Video)

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Ever since Colin Kaepernick started taking a knee during that national anthem, Michael Bennett has been one of his most vocal supporters. In fact, the thoughtful Seattle Seahawks defensive end has actually emerged as an activist in his own right, a fact which made his run-in with the Las Vegas police last month all the more poignant.

On Monday, Bennett sat down for an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper to talk about the wave of protests around the NFL, which were sparked by the controversial comments President Trump made on Friday.

Bennett did not sound angry or agitated about the President calling him a “son of a bitch,” nor did he retaliate with foul language of his own. Instead he sounded calm and composed. He explained that he does not “hate” all police officers, and that he would “love to sit down with the President and talk about these issues.

Take a look:

If the President took Bennett up on his offer instead of tweeting more insults, it would be an excellent first step in opening up a respectful dialogue about the issues currently plaguing the nation. Let’s hope he makes it happen.

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