Pennsylvania Fire Chief Calls Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin A “No Good Ni**er” Over Anthem Protest (VIDEO)

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With every new anthem protest comes another individual exposing himself/herself for the person he/she really is.

Paul Smith, a volunteer fire chief at Muse Fire Department in Cecil Township, Pennsylvania, was forced to make an apology on Monday for the racial slur he used to describe Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

Smith apparently was not pleased by Tomlin keeping the players in the tunnel during the national anthem. In a Facebook post, he wrote, “Tomlin just added himself to the list of no good n-ggers. Yes I said it.” Not surprisingly, that post has since been deleted.

Here’s his apology:

“I am embarrassed at this. I want to apologize. I was frustrated and angry at the Steelers not standing for the Anthem. My FD had absolutely nothing to do with this. I am deeply regretful at what I posted.”

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